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At Prestige Flowers, we understand just how important first impressions are when it comes to gifts. Whether you are shopping for birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, thank you flowers or any other flower gift, they need to look perfect. No matter your relationship with the recipient, a damaged or wilting bouquet is not something that will have the desired effect.

Due to this we ensure that every single bouquet we send out has had the greatest care and attention applied to each bouquet. With our over 25 year experience in handling and selling flowers, we have found some tips and tricks to ensure that you can keep your plants & flowers fresher for longer.

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Let us, help you. We will give you the know-how on everything flowers and plants. From reviving a dead bunch of roses, to simple tricks to extend your bouquet's life two-fold.

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Top tips for choosing the best bridal bouquet

One of the most important flower bouquets that a bride will need to choose is her bridal bouquet. This bunch of flowers will be carried down the isle and it will also be featured in most of the wedding photographs as well. Therefore, this bouquet needs to be carefully thought out rather than simply choosing […]

Thu 05 May 2016

Mother’s Day flower arranging advice

The closer we get to Mother’s Day, the more stressed we become about finding the perfect flowers. Although we often know that this important day is just around the corner, our busy lives can often derail our shopping plans. This is why it’s always a good idea to make sure that you have a few […]

Sat 10 Mar 2018

Bridal bouquets fit for royalty

The bride is always the centre of attention at any wedding. Not only does her gown need to be impeccable, but her hair must also be just right and her bouquet is the one accessory she cannot go without. The bridal bouquet will not only make its appearance as she walks down the isle. Brides […]

Mon 19 Sep 2016

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Spring arrangements and the best flowers to use Sat 06 Mar 2021

Each season has it’s own benefits and things that we can look forward to. Spring is no exception and this is quite literally when the world around us seems to bounce back after a cold winter. With so many beautiful fresh blooms from which to choose, it’s no wonder spring arrangements find their way into […]

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Mother’s Day florist selection tips and advice Sat 06 Mar 2021

When the time comes to pampering her for Mother’s Day, it’s important to make sure that you choose the right florist. A quality florist can make all the difference and it can also determine just how long she will be able to enjoy those beautiful blooms. Before you rush off to your nearest flower shop […]

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Mother’s Day flowers you can arrange yourself Fri 05 Mar 2021

If you are the kind of person who would like to treat mum to a gift with extra love and thought, then you will love arranging Mother’s Day flowers yourself! All you will need is a few basic supplies and your choice of blooms. Of course, the supplies you need will depend on the style […]

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Mother’s Day advice on accessories Fri 05 Mar 2021

When creating the perfect Mother’s Day flower arrangement, you will need to consider a bit more than just the flowers. Accessories can make a bouquet stand out even more and make it that much more memorable. For somebody as important as mum, it’s certainly worth going the extra mile. Here are some tips for accessories. […]

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International flower delivery tips and advice Fri 05 Mar 2021

If you, like so many people out there, find yourself in a different country from your relatives and loved ones, you’ll love the efficiency of online shopping. When occasions like Mother’s Day approach, shopping for somebody in another country can be tricky. Not only is shipping expensive, but it can be unreliable too. This is […]

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Fresh flowers that will make mum smile Thu 04 Mar 2021

We all lead such busy lives these days that we don’t always have the time to let our loved ones know how much we care. This is why occasions like Mother’s Day are so important. It gives us all the opportunity to take time out of our busy schedules and honour the most important women […]

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Fresh flowers and what causes them to wilt prematurely Thu 04 Mar 2021

When you buy fresh flowers, it’s no secret that they will eventually perish. However, this does not mean that you should let them die before their time. The best way of keeping your blooms happy and healthy for as long as possible is by understanding the factors that cause them to perish. Here are the […]

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