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Birthstone Flowers - Prestige Flowers

Gemstones are available in a wide variety. While some are rare, others are more readily available - but all are beautiful! These stones are often used in jewellery and decorative items. They are cherished gifts for various occasions. Certain stones are even associated with each month of the year. These are known as birthstones and, for obvious reasons, they are popular birthday gifts for loved ones. Our florists have come up with these impeccable birthstone inspired floral gifts for every month.

Each of our birthday stone bouquets is inspired by the birthstone associated with this particular month. While including specific colours to represent the various gemstones, the cheerfulness of these bouquets is most certainly not lost. Our January birthstone bouquet is a prime example of how we have included a darker colour to represent the garnet stone while including additional bright shades. Our August birthday bouquet was inspired by the gorgeous lime green colour of the August birthstone, peridot. We have used lime green carnations as well as several other colours including pink and a darker shade of green.

When designing each of these elegant birthday stone flower arrangements, we not only focus on colour, but also texture and design. Contrasting colours and textures give each bouquet a natural appearance while ensuring that none of the blooms go unnoticed. The darker colours stand out while the lighter shades help maintain that happy and joyful theme.

Our beautiful birthstone flower bouquets are available in various sizes and we are proud to offer a wide variety of optional extras including a delicious birthday cake, wine, balloons, and more! At Prestige Flowers, we take the time to carefully select the finest flowers for each and every bouquet. Only the best will do! While placing the main emphasis on quality and beauty, we also understand the importance of price. Our birthstone birthday flower arrangements are excellent for saving money on birthday without giving the impression that you were in any way cheap. Not only are the flowers professionally arranged, but they are also delivered by flower experts who know just how to handle them.

Not only will our birthstone bouquets surprise the lucky recipient but, they will also show how much you care! Our birthday stone bouquets make it that much easier to shop for the perfect gift. Save time by shopping for birthday flowers online and, once you have placed your order, we will take care fo the rest! Our florists will get to work selecting each stem and arranging it with love and care to ensure that the recipient feels pampered on their special day! When you send flowers with Prestige, you can rest assured that your satisfaction is our number one priority. Don't forget to include a special, personal birthday message when placing your order with our online florist. We will include your message to let the recipient know who these gorgeous flowers come from! The next time you need unforgettable birthday flowers, look no further than our birthstone

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Inspired by the May beautiful birthstone Emerald. Our florists have taken this to the next level with white Avalanche roses and green dracena to make a memorable gift. A truly special birthday bouquet to help someone celebrate. Free chocs included.
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Birthstone Flowers