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Caring for Flowers

Flowers can brighten up a room or make the perfect sentiment to give a loved one for any occasion. However, to make the flowers last to their full lifespan, they need proper care. There is much more to the care of a bouquet of flowers than one may realise. To keep the colours of the foliage looking vibrant, there are many precautions and steps one must take on a daily basis.

Different types of flowers require different care instructions. For example, roses bloom best indoors and in partial sunlight. This is because they blossom more easily when they are away from high temperatures. However, if a person receives a bouquet or potted plant of sunflowers, they need to be placed outside at all times and constantly watered in order to maintain their beautiful bright yellow petals.

You should begin by cutting the stems of each individual flower, on an angle, by an inch and a half to open up the stem. The diagonal cut increases the amount of water that is absorbed by each flower. The better they can absorb the water, the longer the lifespan will be.

Also, remember to put the flower food that is provided by the florist in the vase before filling it with water. This mix is what truly extends the life of the flowers, providing them with the nutrients that they need to stay alive. These food mixtures will specify the amount of water that needs to be mixed with the flower food, but it is usually no more than anywhere from a pint to a quart of water. If the measurement is uncertain, remember to ask their florist before purchasing the flowers what the proper care instructions are. Also, remember to change the water and the flower food if the water becomes cloudy. This means the food has been diluted.

The temperature of storage for the flowers is also incredibly important. Many flowers will not survive if the conditions are too hot or too cold. Flowers should be kept at around room temperature, which is around 65 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the flowers to grow and blossom at their natural rate and does not damage the flowers themselves. 

The placement of the bouquet is very important. If a bouquet is placed near anything that may change the temperature that the bouquet is receiving, it may do more harm than good. For example, placing a bouquet directly under a ceiling fan that is continuously turned on during the summer or a radiator projecting heat during the winter, it can alter the atmosphere around the flowers. Even placing flowers too close to the television can have the same effect. 

Flowers are a wonderful addition to any home. It is important to always use the proper care instructions and to take precautions when caring for flowers. If the proper steps are taken, one can have their beautiful bouquet grace their home for a long time.

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