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The Castle Howard Collection

The Collection

The Lady Georgiana By Castle Howard:

We have created this magical bouquet with Castle Howard to represent the stunning reds of Lady Georgiana's Dressing Room which is one of the most recognised stately rooms within the house.

With the striking reds of the room being represented by the elegant Naomi Roses, the gold Ruscus adds to the bouquet, mirroring the gold accents in Lady Georgiana's Dressing Room. Twisted willow adorns the bouquet to represent the many Christmas trees that are located in the house each year, that brings festive cheer to a much loved family home. Touches of Blue Eryngium add pops of colour to this bouquet, representing the blues of the Turquoise Drawing Room.

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The Atlas by Castle Howard:

We have created this impressive arrangement inspired by the truly remarkable landscapes that cover the Howardian hills and 300-year-old walled garden.

The bouquet is beautifully fragrant, just like you would experience walking through the vast landscape. We have added Da Vanda orchids and Lavandula eucalyptus to represent the mass of wild orchids that sprinkle the greens with fragrance and elegance. We have added agapanthus as a flower growing in the walled gardens and included bear grass to represent the wildness or the lands. Boasting over 2000 varieties of roses we have included memory lane roses to represent the rich history of its heritage. The use of green bell thlapsi and bouvardia highlight the splashes of floral grace evident throughout the gardens and Castle.

To complete this decadent arrangement, the use or white calla lilies characterises the exquisite history and sophistication that has been enjoyed in the Castle for over 300 years.

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The Vanburgh By Castle Howard:

The picturesque grounds nestled in the beauty of the Howardian Hills lends the inspiration to pair luxury peach avalanche and sweet avalanche roses with over 2000 species of beautiful roses found in the estate rose gardens. We have utilised a use of flowers to boast colours enjoyed in the gardens with a special variety of germini, suitably coined the sing-sing.

To represent the fragrant gardens, we have used sweet smelling eucalyptus, British lisianthus found in the grass lands around the Castle and English Lavender to give exquisite depth to this arrangement and to hug the delicate veronica blossoms inspired by the atlas fountain to represent the spectacular water jets. With the use of solidago used to signify the signs of zodiac, a blossom identified with the stars, we have also used four stems of majestic eryngium to represent the four tritons beautifully sculptured on the fountain.

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Our Partnership...

We are proud and excited to have partnered with one of Britainís most loved stately homes, Castle Howard, to bring you the stunning Castle Howard Flowers Collection, inspired by the beauty of gardens, landscape and ornate interiors.

Howard is located just outside of York in Yorkshire and is steeped in over 300 years of history. Surrounded by 8,800 acres, known as the Howardian Hills, the house is at the centre of this. Its tranquil walled gardens with manicured borders and a stunning array of flowers and plants including over 2000 species of modern roses make this one of Englandís most comprehensive collections of Roses. The famous Atlas fountain built in the 1850ís with its spectacular water jets from the Tritonís shells to its Atlas Globe upon the labouring giant and matured woodlands of over 2000 acres which is home to a vast amount of wildlife including deer and many bird species while also improving the biodiversity in the area. Our partnership evolved from Prestige Flowers and Castle Howardís love for the environment and protection of our British heritage.

What you will be supportingÖ

With our Castle Howard Flower Collection, we are contributing to the funding of continued conservation and restorations efforts that go into the maintenance of Castle Howard and their grounds whilst giving visitors and customers the unique opportunity to take a piece of the Castle home with the wonderful arrangements inspired by the landscape and seen throughout the ornate rooms.

We are achieving this with proceeds of the sale of each bouquet from the Castle Howard Collection going straight to the fantastic team at Castle Howard to safeguard the landscape and house for future generations to enjoy. With the support of the Castle Howard team, we have all created a flower collection that is truly like no other!