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Roses are probably the most sought after fresh flowers of all. Not only are they available in the most amazing colours but they are also a hardy bunch and can fill the room with their sweet perfume. Prestige Flowers understands just how popular Roses are and how they can be arranged on their own, with foliage or even in a mixed bouquet. Whether Roses are the focal point of the arrangement or simply playing the supporting role, they will give the bouquet a real sense of elegance and luxury.

Roses are also the perfect flowers to send when you are unsure about the recipient's preferences or if you really want to impress them. Send a bouquet of exquisite red Roses for Valentine's Day, bright yellow Roses to celebrate friendship or even a mixed bouquet containing Roses of various colours.

Roses last wonderfully long as cut flowers which means that the recipient will me fortunate enough to enjoy them for a fairly long period of time.

Everyone loves roses: to grow them, to receive them, to give them. To send roses is the ultimate romantic gift. They are the epitome of beauty, living velvet, and nature's poetry. They have so high a place in society, that through hundreds of years they are still so loved. Giving different colour flowers can mean different things to the person that you are giving them to, so you will want to make sure that you have the correct meaning.

If you want to give a rose to your lover, you will want to get them a single red rose. To express admiration to a person you like a pink rose will suffice. Many times, you will see white rose bouquets at funerals or weddings, for these are both times of respect. Many people consider the fabled black rose to be one of cursing, although the black rose does not exist. These are merely very dark red roses.

Some people find rather cute miniature rose bushes. These bushes are not very big and have blooms around one to two inches across, and are very hardy. Many people add these to their gardens as they look very delicate, yet are not. Miniature roses, or petite roses are considered desirable mutations, as are climbing roses, which are a mutation of rose bushes.

It does not matter whether you are just an enthusiast or you are a professional rose grower. Roses UK can bring joy to all people young and old, whether they are in a vase or in the garden. Some people even grow roses for tea, as rose hips are high in vitamin C. With over 100 species, there is a rose for anyone.

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Roses elude passion, love and friendship through its various colours. Red roses declare love, yellow roses signify happiness and friendships whilst white roses show sympathy.
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