Birthday Flowers
The birth flower for each month
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Birth flowers for every month

While most people might be familiar with birth stones, star signs, and so on, many people don’t know about birth flowers. If you want to spoil somebody for their birthday, these birth month flowers will be both suitable and sentimental.


This month is symbolized by the carnation. Available in various colours, carnations are one of the longest lasting of all flowers. For the most part, carnations represent various forms of affection. If you are not sure about the type of message that you want to send or you’re worried about sending the wrong message, you can always opt for a mixed bouquet or ask your florist for their recommendations.


Violets are the flower for February and these beautiful blooms are more diverse than many people think. There are, in fact, 500 known species and many of these varieties are thanks to hybridisation. They are also known as the symbol of humility, modesty, and faithfulness.


Jonquils and daffodils are both the floral representatives of the month of March. These flowers are similar in appearance but there are some distinct differences. The leaves for one. Jonquils have thin, round leaves whereas daffodils have flatter and wider leaves. Jonquils are known to have a stronger scent while daffodils are larger in size. When sending these flowers, it’s important to send a bunch. A single stem of either of these flowers sends a message of misfortune.


Daisies are associated with April and, since winter is in the rearview mirror, these flowers are the perfect symbol of spring. They are simple flowers but it is this simplicity that makes them so appealing and timeless.


May is represented by the Lily of the Valley. The amazing bloom is known for its powerful and sweet scent. They might be on the more expensive side of the scale but they are worth it when you want to pamper somebody special.


The rose is the flower associated with the month of June. It’s so appropriate because roses love warmer weather and June is when the weather takes a significantly warmer turn. Different roses have different meanings. You can send a particular colour to send a specific message or you can send a mixed flower bouquet if you want to avoid sending a specific message.


This month is associated with two flowers – delphiniums and the water lily. Delphiniums are also known as larkspur and the most popular colour is purple. There are more than 300 types of delphinium from which to choose and they symbolise the open heart. Water lilies, as the name suggests, are aquatic flowers. They are also availablein various colours and shapes. They are excellent for adding to water features.


Gladiolus flowers are associated with August. They are native to South Africa and they represent strength. They are large and they come in some of the boldest of colours. They are not always displayed on their own but they do steal the show in a bouquet.


For this month, we get to celebrate the beauty of the aster. The name of this flower comes from the Greek word for star. They are available in various colours and they symbolise love and elegance.


Calendula is the flower for the month of October. These flowers are usually sent as potted plants rather than cut flowers.They are easy to care for and they are beautiful both when in bloom and when dormant.


For this month, it’s the chrysanthemum that takes the spotlight. The symbol of friendship, loveliness, and wealth, this flower has an undeniable beauty about it. They are available in various colours which makes it easier to find the perfect bouquet for any recipient.


For the final month of the year, it’s time to enjoy the narcissus flower. These blooms help warm up your home during the coldest time of the year. Paired with dark foliage, these flowers look absolutely superb.

With a flower for every month, it’s that much easier to find the perfect personal floral gift for everyone.


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