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Use the right colour flowers to create specific moods
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Flowers and your mood

Different colours affect your mood in various ways. By understanding the psychology behind different colours, you too will be able to select the best fresh flowers every time! Not only is this important when buying flowers for yourself, but also for loved ones.

Red flowers are the most eye-catching of all and they tend to dominate even a mixed flower bouquet. When you send or decorate with red flowers like roses, lilies, or amarylis, you can be sure that they will set the perfect tone for a romantic affair.

The colour orange is associated with vibrance, energy, and playfulness. They are perfect for helping somebody get through a difficult time by brightening up the room and giving them a restored sense of optimism.

Yellow flowers express joy, warmth, and friendliness. The yellow rose is actually the symbol of friendship which is why it’s often the top choice for celebrating Friendship Day. Perfect for decorating informal events and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Green flower arrangements are usually achieved by adding a fair bit of foliage. There are, however, some flowers available in green. Chrysanthemums and hydrangeas being two of the most popular. By adding green to an arrangement, you are signifying a fresh start which is what makes green such a wonderful choice for weddings and the arrival of a new baby.

The colour blue is known to be calming and soothing. The same can be said for bouquets that include blue elements. Blue is not a common colour for flowers but there are some options out there. Delphiniums, irises, and some orchids are available in blue. You can even have your florist dye roses blue if need be! Since these flowers are soothing, they make a lovely get well soon gift.

Purple is a colour associated with charm and luxury. It is often the colour of choice for for weddings and various milestone birthdays. In other words – significant happy events. There are plenty of purple flowers from which to choose and your florist will be able to offer the best advice.

Remember, you don’t need to stick to one colour when you send or decorate with flowers. You can combine several colours to create an unforgettable arrangement.


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